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What pump should I use?

This depends on height of the water fountain. About 70cm in height would need a pump that would run 700 litres per hour (LPH), such as the Hozelock Cascade 700. Anything over this and up to 120cm in height would need something around the 1500 LPH. Always consult a local garden centre if you’re unsure.

Do you supply pumps?

No, unfortunately not.

Will they survive the winter?

Yes, they have very little pressure running through them and when switched off, all water drains from the tree. As they are pure copper, they can happily remain outdoors all seasons.

Can I install them in a pot?

Yes, check out my info link for installation ideas and tips.

Will the colour change?

Yes it will, but don’t worry as the change in colour only adds to your sculpture. Oxidisation means that the tree will take on a wonderful autumn brown and over time the water will aid in the delicate build up of wonderful green verdigris adding a truly organic look to the tree.

Indoors or outdoors?

Both! I have had commissions for conservatories and gardens, big and small, whatever the need.

Will the tree block up?

That depends on your pump filters. I have not had a report of a blockage but thin wire and a good flush through would be my answer - check the info page for more on maintenance.

How long will it take to make my tree?

Size is everything here! It depends on your requirements.